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Thursday, 18 October 2018 15:11

The police reported that over 2,000 school violence cases were discovered last year in Vietnam. However, only a few hundred cases were reported by the education sector. 

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Social media posts contribute to abuse cases 


Nguyen Thi Cuc, deputy head of district 2’s education sub-department in HCM City, commenting about a case of students beating a teacher recently, said before condemning students’ conduct, adults need to consider if they have treated students fairly. 

In many cases, students have been living with family violence since their childhood and easily get into fights. In school, they meet teachers who lose their temper and offend students.

Most recently, local newspapers reported that as some students in Long An province had not done their homework and kept talking during class time, the teacher to make the whole class kneel down.

In such an education environment, violence will develop.

Cuc said that the increasing popularity of social media also lends a hand to the development of school violence. Any news, whether verified or not, can be posted on social networks and spread among people, which causes misunderstandings.

Le Phu Tri, whose son is a student of the Hong Bang Secondary School in HCM City, noted that students are influenced by social networks. Minor inconsistencies between two parties can be exaggerated on social networks. 

In Vietnam, a survey by Vietnet-ICT, a non-government organization, found that most students under 12 use social media, but they are not well prepared to face risks. Education about safe internet use in school is not implemented. 

Social networks are also the place for violent cases to occur. Students now tend to speak ill of teachers and insult friends they dislike on social networks.

A team of psychology lecturers at the Da Nang University of Education and Hanoi National University in mid-2018 reported that 16.7 percent of students were once victims of bullying.

Pham Anh Dung from the Binh Duong Education and Training Department said State management agencies need to approach anti-school violence in another way. 

According to Dung, curricular and extracurricular activities in school are not well organized.

It is necessary to educate students with practical experience, but it is impossible to stop the problem completely.

According to Duong Van Ba from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), schools nationwide reported hundreds of school violence cases last year. However, the figure was much lower than that reported by the police, which was 2,000. 


Source: VNN

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