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Online ads bring profit to some, annoy many others

A survey has found that 52 percent of Vietnamese consumers feel overloaded with…

Vietnam needs to be proactive in dealing with safeguard trade measures

Steel, fiber, household-use products and electronics in Vietnam are vulnerable to anti-dumping and…

Universities attach too little importance to scientific research

As many as 945 research teams have been established at 142 out of…

Vietnam’s coffee industry in danger as farmers shift to other crops

Many farmers have chopped down coffee trees and shifted to durian and fruit…

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Da Nang Museum sharpens image

Museum introduces new logo and implements new activities to improve quality and attract more tourists.

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AI technology increasingly being used in Vietnam

Research and development activities in AI technology have gained initial achievements in Vietnam, according to Vu Duy Thuc, the co-founder of VietAI, an artificial intelligence organization representing the community.

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